In June I had a total knee replacement. My knee was very stiff and I was having problems with my back. I went to Dan and he has helped me with the scar tissue on my knee and I have much more flexibility in my knee. My back hasn't felt this good in years. I have recommended him to several friends who have gone to him. We all can't thank him enough for doing a wonderful job. Dan is very professional and we are lucky to have him in this area.

Barbara Comstock

I started seeing Dan after having very little success at physical therapy for my shoulders, elbows, knees, and back, as well as other problems. It had gotten to the point that one muscle group always seemed to be working against another in every movement I made. I had been going to therapy off and on, as well as to chiropractors, for several years. I figured that I would try massage first to see if the pain could be cut down a bit, I was not getting much relief from the others. With 6 herniated discs, spinal cord compression, pinched nerves in my back, neck, and left shoulder, tom shoulder muscles, and knee ligament tears, I couldn't even move without pain, never mind keep doing my job. Parts of my body burned, others were numb, weakness and binding were throughout. We spoke and he explained how he felt that loosening up muscles and getting rid of knots would quite often do more for problems and actually help physical therapy treatment results. With the very first treatment I felt an improvement. I limp in before he works on me, I walk out pretty much as normal as anyone else. Because I still have to work a physical job with lots of un-natural positions to support my family, I still put a lot of stress on the damaged parts, but he has been able to keep me moving and able to do my job. I don't expect miracles due to the extent of my problems and the many years of dealing with them and making them worse, but I'll say this, I feel a lot better than I did, and seem to continue making progress in improving my level of functioning. When he gets in and starts working really deep, I can tell that he is in a spot that needs work. I tell him what is bothering me the most and how, he manages to get right in and finds the spot that's causing the problem. There are many cases where he goes to a spot I would think is un-related, but as soon as he starts, I can tell he knows where the real problem lies. His knowledge of what muscles do what and how is way beyond what I can understand, but he's been right every time. You want to get better, Dan's the man.

Joe Brint

What a miracle worker!! For four years I have suffered with shoulder and upper arm pain. During those years I went to an orthopedic Dr., physical therapy, acupuncture, and massages and nothing worked. My co-worker was seeing Dan and thought I have tried everything else and with my first treatment my pain was gone. Thanks Dan.

Linda Jeffords

"Daniel is an incredibly gifted healer. I am SO glad I found him!"

Victoria Clamp

"Daniel will find and heal parts of you that other Massage therapists will miss."

Ray Palagy

As an active middle-aged adult and avid cyclist, tennis player and cross country skier, muscle pulls, soreness, and the occasional ache and pain are a fact of life for me. Over the years, I've gotten massages from a number of different massage therapists who used a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish, sports massage, Shiatsu, and acupressure.

Danny Suarez has passion for his profession as a massage therapist and is a student of his art, continually studying and learning to improve his practice. His approach to massage therapy combines elements from a number of different techniques. I've found him to be particularly skilled in the area of sports injury, body alignment, and muscle rebalancing. An hour later after limping into his office and laying down on the massage table, I've walked away feeling 100% improved, much more relaxed, looser, and more limber, with the knots gone and the pain really diminished. I've been particularly impressed with Danny's deep knowledge of human anatomy as well as some of the advanced techniques he uses.

I'd heartily recommend Danny to anyone with a muscle or joint problems or for anyone needing a good overall body tune-up. The results are worth it!

Sherman Schlar


 I am very fortunate to have Daniel Suarez as my massage therapist.  I came to Danny for Cranio Sacral therapy for a TMJ problem that caused my ears to ring and put pressure in and around my head.  Danny not only addressed the problems  my jaw was causing, by releasing the pressure in my head but also eliminated the hyperacusis I had been suffering from so now my hearing is back to a normal level and the ringing is way down to a level that is next to nothing and sometimes completely silent.  Danny has far exceeded my expectations of what a massage therapist could do for me.  He is like a chiropractor and an energy healer as well as a massage therapist all in one because his approach to whole body wellness has also relieved my symptoms of RLS (restless leg syndrome).  Dan is very focused and gives 110% of himself while he works.  He is very comfortable to be around and his rates are absolutely affordable.

Debra Mason

I have had lower back problems for many years from a slip and fall and from childbirth. I have often considered seeking the help of a chiropractor but always hesitated pursuing this type of therapy. I also acquired a nasty knot under my left shoulder blade from balancing a telephone handset under my chin and ear for many many years.

I have known Danny personally for some time and was pleased when he attained his LMT certification. Already cognizant of Dan's professional demeanor, I was very comfortable seeking his help. Initially I requested Swedish massage to focus mainly on stress relief to alleviate my occasional migraines and to attain a sense of well being. While applying the Swedish method, Danny was able to locate my more problematic areas and suggested Deep Tissue Massage. This approach provides a nearly instantaneous release of the muscle(s).

I generally alternate between the methods depending upon my body's needs, but both are wonderful !

Danny is a true professional and has skillfully mastered the art and science of massage.

Evelyn Murphy

I originally received treatment from Danny in June after hurting my back while sailing.  I had been seeing a chiropractor for three weeks for three times a week without seeing an improvement.  I still could not stand or sit for any period of time without discomfort.  Originally, Danny had helped me briefly with a stress headache in the office so when he saw me walking around in pain he approached.  After an hour visit – I was amazed by Danny's skills to read a patient's body.  He was able to quickly access and make adjustments to improve my health and attitude!  I cancelled my remaining chiropractor appointments and have continued to work with Danny.  The results are amazing! 

Amy Goodwin

Daniel I just want to thank you for finally relieving my back pain.  I've been in and out of the chiropractor's office for over ten years with little to no relief from lower back pain and tightness.  Your medical massage was like a miracle.  I was pain free by the end of the massage.  What a relief after all those years of chronic pain.  The second anyone tells me that they have back pain or need a massage I will definitely refer them to you!

Traci O'Brien

Daniel Suarez is an excellent Therapist and cured all of my problems in just a few visits. Sometimes I will get injured from work or sports and that is when I go to see Daniel. I was amazed how fast he was able to fix things that were wrong with me, especially my back and neck after I had hurt them when I fell off my mountain bike. He is very good at what he does and a very nice guy too.

Sam Bird

I have gotten massages from many different therapists and I have never been satisfied, until I went to Daniel Suarez . I find that most therapists, although they ask you what hurts, to no avail, they do their typical routine and do not stray from it. I always tell them I like very deep tissue massages and they never do it deep enough for my liking. Then I went to Danny. For the first time, I felt like I did not waste my money. I actually felt better and my muscles were relieved. The massage I prefer is the medical massage because it is very deep, gets rid of my knots, it feels awesome and it puts me back in natural balance. Thanks Danny!

Lori Davenport


I started going to Daniel last year after I completed physical therapy for a neck injury.  I had never tried medical massage before this and was hesitant to try it. After my first session I went home and I felt amazing. I could move and I wasn't in chronic pain anymore. I continued to see Daniel once a week until I relocated to Florida this past year. 

I can't say enough about Daniel. Anyone that has suffered debilitating pain is overwhelmed and depressed by it. To hear medical experts say its something you have to live with is horrible. I thought I was going to have to live with this pain for the rest of my life. Daniel helped me regain my life back again.  Every time I visit CT I see him and I only wish I could find someone like him in Florida. He is truly an amazing person who genuinely cares about his clients.

Jeanne Bergus

Are you In Pain?  I have the man for the job! 

I have been a pain sufferer for forty years!  I have seen orthopedists, neurologists, physiatrists, rheumatologists, have had acupuncture, 2 back operations, about 3 other massage therapists, half a dozen physical therapists, even succumbed to a chiropractor, and have had enough injections to fill a pint jar!  I currently am under the care of the Spine and Pain Institute at Mid-State in Meriden.  My doctor asked if I would try another massage therapist that she had heard good things about.  At this point…..why not.  That was March 2011 and it is now October 2011.  Danny has his work cut out for him…..treating me.  I guess I don’t know where I really hurt…..I thought it was my back!  Danny has proven that my back hurts! but also what is making it hurt.  You could not find a more diligent therapist, a more caring therapist or a more really sincere professional therapist…..he is always looking just a little bit further or deeper!  I’ve come a long way.  No, I don’t claim to be cured, but this is the best I have been in 40 years.  I am living a more comfortable life with his assistance.  I don’t know if I could be weaned from his care.  He better not go anywhere soon.      

Veronika Webb

Inadvertently, I had been damaging my legs, hips, and lower

back due to an old threadbare mattress, wallet in my back pocket, and

unsupportive shoes. This past winter, I noticed a progressive pain in

my hamstring and lower back. At the point of excruciating pain and

immobility, my primary doctor said it was merely a pinched sciatica

nerve. He sent me to physical therapy which was a disheartening

experience. After a very brief assessment, I was told it would take at

least six months to experience any recovery. Also, the therapist did

not seem to acknowledge the other areas of pain beyond my lower back

despite several attempts to emphasize all my concerns. I felt as if

the clients at this facility were products on a conveyor belt and any

disruption to the flow of business was greeted with disdain rather

than empathy. I needed to find a solution because I knew this was

neglect and not just my plight.

Thanks to the compassion of friends, I was guided toward

medical massage therapy and Danny Suarez. The preliminary visit was

very thorough and comforting.

As I suspected, I was out of alignment in several muscle groups and my

injury seemed to stem from years of built up muscle strain and overuse

without stretching or support. After three sessions within a week and

a half, I was able to put on my socks as normal! I was able to begin a

stretching regiment which aided in the recovery. After several more

visits, my years of unintentional harm have been corrected. There is

homework, though. This is neither a "quick fix" nor an exhaustive

experience at physical therapy; I have to address the small, yet

crucial causes of my injury and make changes.

Danny talks very honestly and with consideration to those in

pain. He listens and wants to know any and all sensations. He works to

target and treat the true source of a problem. His work is that of

great precision and he is mastered at his craft. Therefore, if you

have had similar encounters with health care practitioners that seem

aloof or inattentive, definitely consider the restorative care offered

by Daniel Suarez.

Mike from New Haven, CT

Daniel's services have greatly aided my entire health and well being. I have severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and was bedridden to housebound for several months when I began seeing him a year and a half ago.  Over the 10 years of my condition, I have been to countless doctors and tried many therapies, medications, etc.  Daniel's body work is definitely the single most productive thing I have done. It has helped me literally get back on my feet and start to reclaim my life. I am still struggling with my condition, but am world's better than I was on my first appointment.  I still see Daniel regularly, which is helping me to maintain my level of health as I improve and become more active. 

I also suffer from TMJ, which was getting so bad I talked to my doctor about surgery. Daniel has been able to greatly improve this condition for me, too, and it is now totally manageable.

So, I can first hand recommend him for CFS, Fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, and TMJ. I also credit Daniel for helping a friend with debilitating sciatica recover completely.  My sister, an ultra-marathoner, ultra-triathelete, yoga instructor and physical therapist herself also sees Daniel for post-event recovery. 

Daniel is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about anatomy and how all our muscles interact, and he is able to identify true causes of pain and address the problem directly using a combination of methods. I have not found other health care professionals who are so adept at this.  I also have high praise for his professionalism and his commitment to his clients’ health.  He truly wants his clients to get as well as they can as fast as they can.  Unfortunately, services under the umbrella of “massage therapy” are almost never covered by insurance, but Daniel’s rates are extremely reasonable for the field and even more-so considering the quality of service. (In the instance of my friend with sciatica, he saved time and money by seeing Daniel - the doctor, PT and painkiller Rx copays were adding up as he was not getting better.) 

Daniel's knowledge and skills are unsurpassed, he is very affordable, I trust and depend on him.  I can't thank or recommend him enough!

-Rebecca Meriden, CT