Massage Services


Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy $45 1/2 Hr $80 1Hr $105 1.5 Hrs

Is a type of bodywork developed by Erik Dalton, Ph.D. which blends the principles of osteopathy and structural integration to relieve chronic pain, and reduce the potential for the emergence of pain which could become chronic over time. This technique is often integrated 

into regular massage and bodywork sessions, and it can also be used alone to treat systemic 


Deep Tissue Massage $45 1/2 Hr $80 1Hr $105 1.5 Hrs

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to really work soreness and pain out of the body. It utilizes slower, concentrated hand strokes and deep finger pressure on areas with chronic pain. More intense than other massage techniques, it is similar to a sports massage.

Sports Massage $45 1/2 Hr $80 1Hr $105 1.5 Hrs

Sports massage is often used on athletes and individuals who are active and work out often. This technique can enhance athletic performance and prevent and treat sports-related injuries. It has also been shown to help injuries heal quicker.

Swedish massage $45 1/2 Hr $80 1Hr $105 1.5 Hrs

The most popular massage technique, Swedish uses a variety of strokes and pressure techniques to enhance blood flow, remove wastes from the body, stretch ligaments and tendons, and ease physical pain.

Medical Massage $45 1/2 Hr $80 1Hr $105 1.5 Hrs

A large array of modalities from many disciplines that are combined to treat a specific injury as it is presented to the therapist at the time of treatment.

Myofascial Release $45 1/2 Hr $80 1Hr $105 1.5 Hrs

This therapy works both the superficial fascia and myofascia of the body. It will create a lighter, roomier and freer feel, thus increasing R.O.M. to superficial tissue and major joints. It is now widely accepted that proper care of the myofascial portion of the connective tissue system as an integral part in achieving optimal health and function. 

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Massage Services


Neuromuscular Therapy - NMT: $45 1/2 Hr $80 1Hr $105 1.5 Hrs

A special type of massage that works the specific areas of chronic pain & dysfunction. Usually associated with trigger points at the attachments or the belly of the muscle or muscles involved.


Orthopedic Massage $45 1/2 Hr $80 1Hr $105 1.5 Hrs

Combining some elements of sports and medical massage, orthopedic massage integrates ten modalities to treat soft-tissue pain and injury. Emphasis is placed on understanding both the injury and its rehabilitation criteria. Three basic elements adhered to, despite the technical diversity in treatment, are assessment, matching the treatment to the injury, and adaptability of treatment.



Craniosacral Therapy $45 1/2 Hr $80 1Hr $105 1.5 Hrs

Designed for treatment of headaches, head injury, TMJ problems and some types of back pain. This is a gentle technique aligning the hydraulic system that surrounds the central nervous system.

Energy Work $45 1/2 Hr $80 1Hr $105 1.5 Hrs

Energy Work is the practice of balancing the energy field that surrounds the human body. Called “chi,” or an “aura” or simply,  “the energy field,” this energy is referenced in many cultural  traditions and is central to several alternative healing techniques. It  is often divided in chakras — each one corresponding to a person’s mental, emotional, and physical self.

Psych-K $45 1/2 Hr $80 1Hr $105 1.5 Hrs

PSYCH-K provides a user-friendly way to rewrite the “software” of your  mind by changing beliefs that sabotage you into beliefs that support  you…quickly and easily. PSYCH-K helps you communicate directly with both  the conscious and the subconscious minds. Most beliefs change in a  matter of minutes through the process of balancing the left and right  hemispheres of the brain. Changing subconscious beliefs that may be  sabotaging well-intentioned actions is similar to reprogramming a  personal computer. Using PSYCH-K techniques, a kind of “mental keyboard”  to your own brain, you can increase “cross talk” between the two brain  hemispheres, thereby achieving a more “whole-brained” state, which is  ideal for changing subconscious beliefs.

Relieving and Helping these types of Pains and Pathologies


In combination to, or complimentary of other medical professionals.

Chronic Headaches (tension and migraines )

Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Orthopedic Problems


Chronic Fatigue

Stress and Tension-Related Problems

Fibromyalgia and other Connective-Tissue Disorders

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)

Post-Surgical Dysfunction


Pain secondary to Osteoporosis and Scoliosis

Improving posture

Body Mechanics



Bulging Disc


Repetitive Motion Injuries

Carpal Tunnel

Tarsal Tunnel

Tennis Elbow

Golfer's Elbow

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Sports Injuries

Bursitis, Tendonitis

Trauma from car accidents

Sprains and Strains

Spinal Surgeries

Joint Replacement

Joint Surgeries